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Secret of Successful Practice

Ever Wondered Why One Doctor Is Having A Successful Practice, While The Other Is Struggling, even though they have the same qualification & experience?

The secret of success is in the Personal Effectiveness of Doctors, and this is what they don't teach you in the medical school.

Personal effectiveness is all those skills which help you build Trust & long lasting relationship with your patients.

No one is born with these skills, these are skills which every doctor can learn.

With DrSuccess Catalyst membership you can learn Personal Effectiveness skills from senior doctors & specialist trainers, which could save you years of effort & time if you try to learn it by your own experience.

Every Doctor Needs A Coach

Imagine that you have to climb Mount Everest and you have never climbed it before.

 You have two options. Option 1 is to climb all by yourself. Option 2 is to take guidance from a mountaineer coach, who has already climbed Mt. Everest multiple times.

It is a no-brainer that you will choose the option 2 for multiple advantages. 

Same way, when you subscribe to DrSuccess Catalyst membership, you become a part of community of doctors where you get mentored by other senior doctors who have treaded the same path that you are planning to tread.

You save time, money & effort and will be able to set-up a successful practice in short time.

Wondering How To Set-Up Your Clinic?

Most doctors want to set-up their own private clinic, but dont know how.

Setting up a clinic requires transforming to a entreprueneur mind-set. There are a lot of hard decisions to be made such as selecting the right location, creating a business plan, getting loan sactioned, getting all regulatory compliances & certificates, interiors of clinics, hiring right staff, marketing to get patients, etc.

With DrSuccess Catalyst community membership, you get access to the community of doctors who can provide required guidance and motivation to easily set-up your clinic & practice.

DrSuccess Catalyst Annual Membership

This membership is for you, If you want to........

1. Learn the secret of setting up a successful practice.

2. Learn from experience of senior doctors saving time & energy,
instead of re-inventing the wheel.

3. Be visible to your patients & stand-out from your peers.

4. Know how to balance Work-Life.

5. Achieve a Growth Mindset.

6. Get a personality & charisma which builds trust & attracts patients.

7. Set up your own clinic / hospital.
Regular Price : Rs. 24,000/-

When You Join DrSuccess Catalyst Membership,
You Get the below curated content....

1. Deep thought Success Infographics

2. Micro-Learning Success Videos (5 - 10 mins)

3. Personal Development - How to be a better version of yourself everyday

4. One Live online training every week

5. Training on Growth Mindset

6. Learn from Doctors who have successful practice

7. Offline Events Invitation

8. Networking Opportunities

9. Curated Book Reviews

10. Positive Affirmations
Regular Price : Rs. 24,000/-

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