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Dr Manish Joshi

Dr Manish Joshi comes from a humble background and raised in a traditional study hard family in Gulbarga. He stood 11th rank to the Karnataka state to get into medicine and he achieved his dream of becoming a doctor when he joined MBBS in MRMC, Gulbarga in 1993. As new teachers, friends and learnings took place, he topped the college both in first year and final year and it seemed like the world was beckoning him to shine.

​Little did he realise his struggles were just about to begin as with any indian mbbs doctor left out in the world of competitive postgraduate exams and the lost years started leaving doubts about his capabilities and that he wasn’t good enough. Trying to work and study in the prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi, he put in the long hours required to slowly climb the competion ladder and cracked the entrance exam getting to M.S. General Surgery in Bangalore Medical College. It seemed as if the world was testing him and finally he survived through the tough mudder feeling of uncertainty and difficulties. Making the most of postgraduate times, Manish cleared the exams and got trained as a surgeon and started his journey as a qualified surgeon in 1999.

Was that going to be the end of his struggles?

Feeling overconfident (and not realizing he was still underskilled and inexperienced), he cleared the exams for UK (and little later..USA )and reached the banks of river Thames in London to further his skills and work in NHS. A new struggle ensued in trying to be better (than the white counterpart) in a different system. Successfully completing his MRCS, helped him get to the registrar level job profile. In a bid to improve his CV (rather than his skills), Manish also completed a flurry of courses like ATLS, BSS, CCrisP, Alert, Communication skills etc. Serendipitously , Hola, in that process, he also improved. However the charm of UK and NHS faded away. Choosing between USA and India was the difficult choice in that period and Manish decided to come back to India (He also was engaged by then to Dr Pallavi).
Back in India, seemed like a worse decision for the first few years as he drifted from one place to another getting realization that his skill sets were not that great. Getting trained in Sir Ganga ram Hospital with Dr Samiran Nundy, Dr Arvinder Soin and Dr Adarsh Chaudhary was the beginning of his foray into Surgical gastroenterology. He also completed his advanced laparoscopic fellowship with Dr Pradeep Chowbey and team.

Madurai beckons…
The icing on the cake was when he got into DNB program at Meenakshi mission hospital & research centre in the first ever national DNB merit exam for superspeciality. Alongwith Dr Ramesh Ardhanari as his mentor, slowly but surely , Manish skilled up and finished his speciality exam donning top colours. His wife, Dr Pallavi also completed her Cornea fellowship at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai. Skilled and confident , both of them decided to return to Karnataka. The dilemma was whether to settle in Bengaluru or Belgaum or Gulbarga.

The decision to settle in Bengaluru…

Again the skilled and confident Manish entered the Bangalore arena, faced a lot of rejection and naysayers. It was a uphill battle to win as he felt the practice was moving slower than the tortoise. A lucky break or so he thought, He got selected in an interview to join St John’s medical college as Assistant professor in Surgical gastroenterology and due to non-joining of other candidates (pay was less), he was made Incharge Head of Department as well. Medical College lifestyle grew uncomfortable in the second year itself, however for want of a better opportunity, he stayed put till he became Associate Professor. Life seemed to be sending one struggle after another…

A welcome opportunity came in 30 kms away (considering Bengaluru traffic, it’s a daring choice) when Manish was offered to Head the Global Hospitals, main Bengaluru Hospital and he grasped it with both hands. However, there was no private practice experience and it was painfully slow growth. One by one, putting all efforts and getting good patient outcomes, Over a period of 5 years , he utilized the godsend opportunity and made it work and created a niche for himself in the Bangalore arena (even though it was a long commute…).

Turning Point

Fortune favors the brave…

A team of top end doctor’s started Trustwell Hospital and asked Manish to partner with them for Gastrosciences as now the practice had picked up considerable. Dilly dallying for 6-7 months, Manish took a leap of faith and joined hands to run the department. He was not satisfied and wanted to get skilled in robotics. He formed a team of qualified doctors’ and got a prominent role in main Fortis Hospital also for having access to Robotic Surgery. Currently, Manish is managing his ever increasing workload with a good team and is quite active in getting trained in the latest technology and believes in being an early adopter…

Has he settled?

The only Mantra that he lives by…is to remain “UNSETTLED…”
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